Louis Vuitton room is also a luxury scarf.

Today is Thursday ~ Today’s weather is raining It’s been forecasted. Well, it’s been raining a lot lately. I can feel it. Is this how you’re supposed to be here? I’d like to. I hope it won’t rain on the weekends. This posting is about to be a Louis Vuitton room It’s a very famous product for women, right? What kind of scarf you use I’ll look into the product and look at the product in detail ~ ~ And Louis Vuitton, this is the product Leather straps, metal chains, on symbolic monogram patterns, It’s a silk way with a print of the same detail as the lock! So it is the best item for very gift! The price is 31 mannin at the department store There are so many luxury scarve brands In the case of LV, the design itself is a monogram pattern Everyone looks good and has a really good utilization ~ There is an advantage to enjoy various styles Now, I’m gonna need you to get a little more Let’s see the wearing shot of the linen first ~ ~ Today, Ryani really came out early in Kakao! It’s a ryanie. That’s like five years old! My wife is so diverse You’ve been directing me! A combination of a luxury scarf and a lyreney. I can’t 레플리카 see anything like this anywhere. I mean it. Actually, you know, if you look at that Ryani face… Five years old, Lairney. I see signs of time. The lyre in the picture above, it’s pretty to wear it like that My wife really… I’m not gonna tell her I wear it a lot. Rierney’s so cute, you know? I’m taking pictures. I hope you’ll look pretty. So I’ll look at the Louis Vuitton room in earnest. For now, the details of the product are ! The length is 120 cm wide 100% silk twill There are many kinds of products at department store! I know the price range is the same as 31 mannons! The product that Wife chose among the many brands of luxury scarves is ! Monogram Confidential M78656 Black Color Model It’s a silk product, so I have to be careful about Giss! Especially, when you buy in the store, the product is reflected in the lighting You must check carefully to see if there is any part of the knot It’s unconditional !! The model that Louis Vuitton Bangdo Wife bought! There was pink and brown. I’d like you to actually go to the store and compare it. Especially, the color of the wipes black is likely to be out of stock That’s because the color itself is so popular. ~ ~ So are the other luxury scarves Especially this product has a rather fancy feeling. And especially with a black T-shirt It looks great! Even in the bag, it’s a pretty product I want to say this is a product !! You know, there’s a lot of different kinds of branding There are design products in the room. But, uh, this is the most popular brand of confidential products

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