Netflix’s original Kingdom also brought a genre called historical drama zombie, which shocked people.

Disaster drama is a genre in which disaster has a central narrative rather than a character.
There are many cases where people bring about changes and draw changes in characters due to disasters.
Netflix’s original Kingdom also brought a genre called historical drama zombie, which shocked people.
The zombie’s rise was started by poison plants and eventually spread to disaster situations, which has a narrative that makes the main character a hero.
Dark holes also have the narrative of disaster dramas, and people who drink black smoke from sinkholes mutate and kill people out of their own desires, similar to the settings from sweet homes.
The point that everyday life has been destroyed is in contact with the current Pendemic era.
It seems to be a good material to empathize with the existence of an invisible monster, and the title of the disaster brought by the virus is likely to attract people’s interest.
It is expected that empathy will be easy because it is consistent with the current situation of people suffering from Covid-19.

Similar dramas include Sweet Home Monster Health Teacher Ahn An-young Black Summer Walking Dead Kingdom.
The genre is action fantasy science fiction thriller horror mystery variant human report.
The monster’s setting is a monster whose identity has not been revealed, but whose identity appeared in the sinkhole is unknown, and black smoke controls people.
The person in charge of black acting has black eyes, black blood, and super strength, and changes using the weak mind of the human being.

Dark holes tell the story of a restricted area called Muji metropolitan.
The sinkhole material was interesting and interesting, and I was curious about the setting that people who drank black smoke changed.
But zombie-changing humans were not interesting. There is no difference from the existing monsters.
Overall, the story is so distracting and distracting that it needs to be sorted out.
It shows that many stories are developed simultaneously, but none of them is clear.
I feel like I used 12 episodes to introduce all the characters without knowing the intentions of the distracting structure.
Muji High School Chairman Muji High School, Muji High School student, Muji High School nurse, child Muji High School teacher, Muji High School graduate student.
In addition, all the characters, including pseudo-religion, suddenly appear without any connection.
When I try to get into a story, the scene suddenly changes and I’m introducing the character. Those parts interfered with the flow of the play.
Except for introducing the character without knowing why it appeared, the scene of the character’s appearance suddenly comes in.
I’m not sure if it’s efficient for people to come in like this.
The main character Lee Hwa-sun and her husband died by a serial killer and now appear as detectives chasing a serial killer.
And the black smoke from the sinkhole changes people and even the fuse changes.
I’ve heard these two stories, but I don’t know what kind of connection they have in episode 12.
It feels like different stories are in one drama.
Whether the black smoke of the serial killer and the sinkhole is connected later or whether the serial killer was caused by the introduction of the character, I think it will be known only when I look back.
It’s a 12-episode movie, but I think the story of the movie size is more right.
As I tried to increase the number of small stories, I had no choice but to get distracted episodes from here and there, so I was sad that the play was made distracted overall.

The main character, Lee Hwa-sun, is the only survivor who has not changed after drinking acting.
He appears as a detective at the Seoul Metropolitan Government.
In the past, zombies used to be people around them, but these days, zombies have appeared as the main characters.
Lee Hwa-sun is the only person with the goal of catching Lee Soo-yeon even after a series of murders that killed her husband.
It was easy to follow a character because he had a clear goal. However, it was not related to the case in the pursuit of serial killers, but it suddenly became impossible to go to a mountain, meet a sinkhole, and eventually drink black smoke in a sinkhole and turn into a mutant.
It is more probable that a serial killer may have been involved on the way to a sinkhole.
The process of becoming a mutant was unnatural and the character seemed incomprehensible, so if the serial killer and sinkhole were not connected, the story would be dispersed and the power to concentrate would be lost.
The next character, Yoo Hae-han, is a strong survivor who is not afraid of death and is now a lekkkagisa.
It doesn’t come out in the 12th episode, but I come out as a police officer.
I don’t know why this person has to be a rekka or a police officer.
Is it because you have to fight the mutants? Or is it because of some kind of justification?
The introduction of “Not afraid of death” raised questions.
How did you end up not afraid of death?
I think the reason for p2p 순위 actively saving people should be understood so that the character can be accepted in three dimensions.

The identity of the monster has not yet been clearly revealed, but it needs to be sorted out how it was set up.
Also, how to organize the somewhat distracting stories behind the scenes is likely to continue to watch the drama.
In the end, it seems that the characters will end up defeating the monster, but how to portray the process in the middle with fun and tension will determine the outcome.
Putting people together in a small space has the power to focus the story.
In that sense, it was a good setting to bring all the characters together in a small town.
However, too many stories have been heard and it seems to be a new monster story, but unfortunately, it has not been able to surpass the existing one.
Zombie variations will continue to pour.
From monster to zombie to zombie, we wait and see.

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