It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a webhard that feels empty and complicated after watching the last episode.

It’s the same title.
I met a really great webhard.

I watched episode 1 for the first time and watched episode 6 in one shot.
And it took only 2 weeks to watch the last episode, Episode 16.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a webhard that feels empty and complicated after watching the last episode.

Shin Ha-kyun, Yeo Jin-gu. I’ve never seen an actor acting for the first time. There’s nothing to blame.

Usually, when webhard enters the end, it often fizzles out, but even the last episode ends with strength.

If I were to pick up the shortcomings, Yeo Jin-gu’s father’s inaccurate pronunciation in the drama…

The genre of monster is thriller.
It’s about a story that takes place in the pursuit of a missing person.

Since it’s a thriller, the criminal comes out, and Shin Ha-kyun and Yeo Jin-gu come out as police officers.
But if you look at Webhard, finding the culprit isn’t that important.

Rather than who the culprit is, this Webhard has a really good psychological description of each character when he or she is in a particular situation.

Also, the results of each character’s choice are very convincing.

It’s like this Webhard takes the characters to the extreme and now what do you do in this situation?
Do you think you could do anything? I think that’s what they’re asking.

Episodes 1 through 8 focus more on Shin Ha-kyun, while episodes 9 through 16 focus more on Yeo Jin-gu.

If you focus on their psychology while watching Webhard, you will enjoy it even more.

This webhard is a very kind thriller.
Webhard of monster genres and mistakes often made by movies focus on giving the audience the final twist, so they do not give the audience the information they must give.
However, the monster explains or points out to the main or supporting actors in the drama so that the audience can easily understand the situation.

It was like a guide to follow the main characters in the webhard.

When I talk about actors, I didn’t watch a lot of webhard movies with Shin Ha-kyun, but he’s really good at acting.
I thought he was acting really hard.

I thought Yeo Jin-gu was good at acting, but I could feel it again in this monster.
He’s restrained, but when he explodes his emotions, he’s desperate, and his face is handsome and does everything.

I think monsters will play a big role in Yeo Jin-gu’s acting life.

And I’m Choi Dae Hoon, who came out as a friend of Shin Ha Kyun.
His skills were so amazing that I looked up who this actor was while looking at the webhard.

This actor is Sung Eun Choi, and he looks a lot like Eun Jung in T-ara.
The butcher’sir.
At first, I was wondering if I fit in with this p2p 사이트 person, but I really fit in with the characters in the drama.

This is Cheon Hojin.
You played a different role from your previous role in the weekend’s family webhard father actor monster, and I hope you play a role similar to that in the monster.
He’s a really good actor.

Everyone in this drama is really good at acting.

I want to express my overwhelming feelings after seeing a really good webhard, but I’m sorry that I couldn’t.

I’ve watched all the secret forest signals. If I had to pick the p2p site, I’d like to pick the secret forest monster signal in order.

I met the best webhard in my life.

I hope the neighbors watch it, too.

Lastly, it’s the revival ending that I chose as a masterpiece, and the monster ending was just as amazing as the revival.

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